Hosting a Neighborhood Block Party? 3 Sanitation Concerns to Address

Planning a neighborhood block party is a great way for the community to come together and have fun. If you are planning this type of event for your neighborhood, there are some sanitation concerns you'll want to address to ensure the party goes smoothly. Use this guide to help plan your event, and be prepared for all of your guests' needs on the day of the party.

Rent a Dumpster

You won't want to fill your residential garbage cans with the waste leftover from your block party. Contact your local dumpster rental company to have a dumpster delivered to your block the day before your event is scheduled to start. Arrange the dumpster away from the area where you will be serving food but close to an exit. This will encourage people to throw away their garbage in the dumpster as they leave.

You may also want to consider renting outdoor garbage cans from the dumpster company, as these can be placed throughout the block for added convenience. Use heavy-duty garbage bags in each of the cans, and assign a few helpers to change the bags and place the full ones in your dumpster.

Set Up Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are essential for your block party, particularly if you'll have a lot of young children present. Select a location away from the main party area to place the portable toilets, and be sure to put up signs directing people to their location. You may also want to rent hand-washing stations to improve sanitary conditions at your block party and keep all your guests happy. Ask your rental company about any kid-friendly portable toilets and portable sinks so the smallest guests at your block party can enjoy their own facilities.

Organize Litter Cleanup

Despite your best efforts, you may find that there is liter on your streets and sidewalks as a result of your party. To help mitigate this problem, work with your neighbors to create a block cleanup schedule throughout the day. Everyone can take turns picking up litter and throwing it into the dumpster and rental garbage cans to keep the neighborhood tidy. Invest in trash grabbers and disposable gloves to help your volunteers stay clean as they tackle litter on your block.

You may want to form a block party committee to help you address all of these concerns and any additional issues for your event. Together, you can create a community party that is clean and fun for everyone.