What You Need To Know Before You Rent A Dumpster For Your Property

Dumpster rentals can be handy for many types of trash or debris removal. However, before you order a dumpster for your needs, you should first consider the size you need, the material that will be going in it, and if you need a one-time rental of a long-term contract. 

Dumpster Uses

Renting a dumpster to remove debris or trash is often a great way to clean out large areas or an entire house. For businesses, dumpster rentals are often used to provide a place to dispose of your trash and shipping materials before you come into the business. 

The type of dumpsters used for these situations is often different, and the dumpster service providing the container may restrict what you can put in the dumpster. The first thing you need to do when considering a dumpster for your needs is to call a dumpster service and discuss the use of the container. 

Trash and garbage typically go in smaller dumpsters loaded from side doors and then lifted and dumped into a trash truck when it is full. Construction debris or house clean-outs may require a larger open-top container that is delivered and picked up with a roll-back truck when it is full. The open-top containers are often easier to load large items into and are long, so lumber or other oversized materials can go in as they are torn out during demolition. 

Dumpster Sizes

Most dumpster rental services offer several different size dumpsters to handle your needs. Choosing the right one is often challenging, but if you go over the job you are using the dumpster for, the service can usually recommend one that will work. 

In some cases, a larger dumpster may seem like a better way to go, but it is vital that the container can be positioned easily and there is access for the driver to come and empty it when needed. If the container is too big, it can take up room and be hard to navigate around on a job site or your business property. 

Discussing the positioning with the dumpster service will help decide the container size, and you are unsure how much space you have to spare. The dumpster service may have a driver stop at your property or job and look it over, then suggest a position for the container.

Long-Term Rentals

Most dumpster services offer long-term rentals that allow you to keep a dumpster in place and have it emptied regularly. Long-term rentals can apply to small residential or commercial dumpsters, such as larger roll-off containers used on a construction site or for demolition services. 

The dumpster price may be lower if you sign a long-term agreement, but you will need to discuss the costs and lease terms with the dumpster service you are considering.

Contact a local dumpster service to learn more.